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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 31, 2024 4:00am-5:00am PST

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♪ >> brian: it's 7:00 a.m. on the east coast which is where we are located right now. wednesday, january 31st, and this is "fox & friends." fox news alert. we begin, president biden will finally visit east palestine, ohio after a year of waiting. remember that toxic train derailment took place. >> carley: sure do. insane video migrants appearing to attack police officers in new york city. and as the city reels from the border crisis, lawrence spokes exclusively with denver's democrat mayor who had found some common ground with texas' governor. >> i do understand why he is busing them. i think his take is that no one state should have to carry the entire weight of this newcomer population. >> you will hear more from them in a minute. in the meantime, an 11-year-old is safe this morning after terrifying doorbell camera showed her escaping somebody who apparently was trying to kidnap her. he is in jail now. we will tell you the entire story because the second of "fox & friends" starts right now and,
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remember, just like the hashtag, mornings are better with friends. >> steve: we'll coordinate better next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ steve fox news alert. didn't see this coming. president biden is finally agreeing to go to visit east palestine, ohio, one year after that toxic train derailment forced people from their homes and left the community in shambles. >> brian: peter doocy live at the white house. you broke the story. what's up? >> peter: well, we don't know. and the question for president biden today is what took so long? the mayor of east palestine told one of our white house producers pat ward earlier this month that his preference at this point, after a year would be for president biden -- and this is a quote, he said the best time for him to come would be february of
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2025 when he is on his book tour and the mayor there, trent conway also said we have heard nothing from the administration about a visit. he also said i don't know what he would do here now. a couple months ago, while we were waiting for this announcement, we asked karine jean-pierre about the hold up. >> just one more. the president said over the long weekend that he hasn't had the occasion to go to east palestine. i just haven't been able to break. the derailment was on february 3rd. >> the president will go to east palestine. he promised that he would, and he will. you saw him. >> steve: so he was not on a break when he was in lake tahoe? >> i will say this, again, the president is going to go east palestine as he has said he is committed to do. you saw him. >> peter: many trips to delaware. there was a christmas week in st. croix. there was time at camp david. but the flight to cleveland,
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ohio, which is less than an hour on air force 1 was too much to take a break for the president until now. again, we have no idea why this announcement is happening now, except for the fact that ohio is a battleground state in the election year that we are now in. we also have some flashback sound from residents about the president visiting. >> we will have that shortly. but, people were really really mad at president biden. and the administration gave us a whole list of stuff that he did. we know that he sent the transportation secretary, pete buttigieg, but that's not the same thing. and there are national tragedies all around the country that president biden recognizes as painful to communities as things that are hurting people that live in this country that he represents, and they go. they send the president. it happens all the time. multiple times a month. it has not happened for east palestine until now. the anniversary -- the one year
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anniversary is on saturday. we don't know anything except the white house is just telling us he is going to go in february. >> steve: so, peter, i know democrats were calling for the president to go. republicans were demanding that he go. and then donald trump went. so, were they trying to give it a little breathing room between trump. >> brian: a lot of breathing. >> steve: yeah, exactly. >> peter: that's a lot of breathing room. but the whole time these people in east palestine have been worried about breathing the air. >> steve: exactly. >> peter: in their community. at this point, and talking to people around here about this, it felt like -- and this is my own personal reading of the situation, it felt like they were just going to skip it forever. >> carley: peter, trump won column anna county where east palestine is located by nearly 27% of the vote in the 2020 presidential election. >> steve: a very red county. >> carley: do you think that why
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president biden hasn't gone yet which would be a shame because when he was running as president in 2020 he said he would be a president for all people. >> brian: i forgot about that. >> peter: if there is going to be biden-trump debate. one less thing for trump to say like i went to east palestine and you didn't. >> brian: right. i went when it mattered and you showed up a year later. the other thing is, peter, i don't know what you could say about this. but say that donald trump became legitimate candidate and got huge credibility when he showed up when he did what he did best found out listened to what went wrong and people stopped talking about midterms and candidates that fell short and say man he looked presidential. by joe biden not showing up, it gave president trump the ability to show up and doing what he was doing two years before. and that's be president. >> peter: don't take my word for it. we do have some sound from residents in east palestine
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about this specifically. >> he is the leader of the free world you want to feel like he is on the same team you are. there has been no economic -- again, no economic help for us. there has been no plan for our residents. >> there definitely is some frustration. >> i feel he is the one that should be handcuffed. he has done nothing here. what would it take for him to visit ohio? >> well,. >> and it's been tough also listening to some of these folks, i remember another family interviewed at some point over the last 365 days said they couldn't sell their house. they had been planning to sell their house. nobody wanted to buy the house. home values plummeted. people didn't feel safe they don't know what happened next considering these chemicals might not make you sick right away. they will hear from the president and soon. >> carley: the guy in the backwards hat i interviewed him a couple weeks ago. he is running for congress right now.
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he felt there was such inaction on this issue he felt motivated to run for congress and change things. on christmas morning he took a video of a stream right outside his house and most toxic that he has ever season it over this last year. so the epa went in and initially said that there was no toxic chemical still it's okay. he says is he still seeing that sludge. >> steve: let's hope joe biden goes and looks at that creek. let's see what happens. congratulations to your breaking news and your producers as well. >> peter: thank you. >> brian: not giving up on the people. he didn't give up on the soundbite. peter didn't give up on the soundbite. we have all tossed to things that have not come up. >> carley: say one more thing on this issue. i remember when this train derailment happened. not to make this about me. this is just analogy here. it was in the very early, early days of my maternity leave. brock just turned 1 years old and is he now walking.
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that's how long it has been from when it happened to when the president is actually visiting the people. >> brian: maybe we should go on the brock calendar that maybe use that. >> carley: so much development occurred and he didn't find the time. >> brian: i wouldn't be surprised sean hannity uses that graph. a lot of people use metric. a lot of people use traditional numbers. we use the brock scale to look at time and distance. i think it's fantastic. >> carley: sounded better in my head. >> brian: it's great. >> steve: who is using metric for a baby. >> brian: i use a protractor and compass for everything. >> steve: is that metric. >> brian: it's geometry. that's why i never did well -- in math. >> steve: thank you to the producers pulling those segments. >> brian: if they are wearing hats. >> steve: it's breaking news. and speaking of breaking news. here's another fox news alert this is the animation. the house homeland security committee yesterday along party lines advanced articles of
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impeachment against secretary mayorkas in an overnight vote 15-13 that got heated. >> secretary mayorkas' actions have forced our hand. we cannot allow this border crisis to continue. we cannot allow fentanyl to flood across our border. or criminals to waltz in undeterred. and we cannot allow a cabinet secretary with no regard for the separation of powers, the roughly law, to remain in office. >> in any shortcomings that mayorkas may have, frankly are your fault. he is asking for authorities to do more. to have more border agents, to have more resources. >> steve: and that went on for 13 hours. mayorkas calls the allegations baseless. the next step is an impeachment vote on the house floor could come next week. >> carley: yeah. we will be watching out for that next week. as the battle unfolds in washington. take a look at this crazy video. a group of migrants in new york city are arrested after attacking nypd officers near times square. five of those migrants were
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arrested. four already released without bail, brian. >> brian: can you imagine even putting your hands on a police officer and not thinking you're still in prison. they are beating them up. they don't even belong in this country. and they're out of prison. some are repeat offenders. the brawl started when two officers were trying to break up a rowdy crowd near a migrant shelter around 42nd street while arresting one of the men. the others jumped in as you seen i can canning and punching the officers that might work in your country. it doesn't work here. the manhattan's d.a. office says it is investigating the incident as police search for five other men involved. what's to investigate? an absolute embarrassment. if i'm the cops, listen, uruguays go police yourselves. can you beat the hell out of each other. that's it. until you find a solution, i'm not going to the roosevelt hotel, not going to the migrant center. not going to island. go handle it. >> steve: i talked to a new york city cop. it's that kind of action where the cops are beaten on camera and judicial system of new york
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stated releases of four people who beat the cops up. and his point is and he works just a couple of blocks away from here nobody has his back except the guy in yellow t-shirt. his back is on the concrete literally. we are getting the crap beaten out of us. here's the thing. >> brian: give us your huddled masses they look really horrible. >> steve: a lot of people are for migration reform and stuff like that. but who is for this? who is for beating up cops? and here's the other thing, okay. maybe while we know for sure from our voter analysis last week in iowa, the number one issue is migration and the border. if it's not for you. what about personal safety? we are showing you this video because it happened to a couple of cops. but this kind of stuff happened to just ordinary people everyday. >> carley: yeah, absolutely. one of those guys that you just
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saw in that footage, he had two open cases in manhattan for assault and robbery. >> in november he pushed, punched and bit a nordstrom rak employee who caught him stealing $130. if they feel they can do this and get away with it, they are right. >> steve: legal in his country fighting a nordstrom rack person? >> brian: this is what they said to get in. all you have to do is tell a border patrol agent i feel a threat in my country and you get a ticket that says you stay until your court date, which you are not going to show up for in 10 years. don't tell me these fighting age men who are literally fighting on our streets need asylum in our country go. back to your country and work it out. all right? go by get another neck tattoo. join a different gang. and then you can maybe find a way to survive. you notice, also, they put their hoods up. they want to make sure that they are not detected. so they know exactly what is going on. i didn't lose my temper one day.
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i know exactly what i'm doing. i'm going to beat up on law enforcement and i'm not going to get caught. >> carley: doing such disservice to asylum seekers. get a bad reputation. lump them in with these terrible people. >> two 19. one was 21. one was 24. not exactly the family units that we were told by the biden administration. >> one last thing. if you have a green card and you do this thing legally in your country and if you get speeding tickets and drunk driving and bar fight, kicked out of the country. give me your green card back. these people break the law. they do things the wrong way as opposed to doing it the right way. they break the law. they are still allowed to stay and get three meals a day. if you get a green card you have to make a living. >> steve: let's hope that the senate comes one a bill that actually does something. right now that is what is happening. meanwhile go to denver, colorado, essentially a blue state a blue town, lawrence is out there because lawrence, they have -- denver currently has the
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highest per capita number of migrants in the country and have you gone out to find what problems they are facing and there are plenty. >> yeah. what an interesting development that there's a criminal element of folks that are crossing the border. and it just seems like a lot of folks are so naive when it comes to that that are on the other side of the aisle. they are on the left. i had the opportunity to talk to the mayor. he agreed to an interview with us about what is happening. there was a change of tone with his reaction to the governor of the great state of texas. watch. >> you have been a little critical of governor greg abbott and him busing the migrants here. but it seemed like someone that's been covering the border for years there was no attention on the crisis until they started to ship migrants to other cities. then suddenly a national emergency. >> i do understand why is he busing them. his take is no one state should have to carry the entire weight of this newcomer population. >> do you agree with them. >> no one state or city should.
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that's the same why we have approached. sending people to three cities, new york, denver and chicago. i think in the same way that no one state should carry probably no city should also carry it. i understand he wanted to make a point. what we wanted to do is make a difference. reached out to him to say i'm happy to work together there should be a plan for texas three or four cities to have to. >> lawrence: the reality of it, guys, no one felt the pain of texas until they started to bus the migrants to these sanctuary cities if you remember early on in this crisis they said this is a political stunt. we seen what greg abbott is doing. being hateful doesn't like these people. this is not going to work. suddenly this has become the number one issue for voters and every single state where there is an election. you had iowa. it was the number one issue, new hampshire the number one issue. can i predict nevada. it's probably going to be the number one issue as well. everyone in every state is starting to feel the pressure
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right now, guys. >> steve: they are, indeed. lawrence, i understand the next hour you are going to talk to a denver teacher who says they don't have the resources for all the migrants because suddenly, you have got the colorado kids in class with a lot of migrant kids and sometimes there's a language problem. there is a big issue there. interview with a teacher here as well. the mayor used to be a school teacher as well. so, again, you have got the healthcare system being overrun. you got the schools being overrun and the shelters that sounds like a crisis to me. >> brian: right. let's see republicans get in there with a different message rather than give up all the cities to democrats. let's then go in there and say whether a they would do different. thanks so much, lawrence, check back in with you again. >> steve: all right. 7:16 here now in new york city. let's start with the headline in washington. where later this morning, the fbi director, chris wray, is set to testify on the threat posed by the chinese communist party
4:18 am
on the united states. here is a look at some of his prepared remarks. they have been extended to fox news. the quote is there has been far too little public focus on the fact that p.r.c. hackers, chinese hackers are targeting our critical infrastructure. our water treatment plants. our electric grid. our oil and natural gas gas lines. our transportation systems, and the risk that poses to every american requires our attention now. >> that's scary. director wray will have to testify before the house select committee eastern time we will bring you highlights. plus, the illinois election board voting to keep president trump on the primary ballot in illinois. they considered a petition filed by five voters who argued that trump is ineligible because of his role in the january 6th attack on the capitol. thian must decision by the bipartisan board comes just before the supreme court weighs
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whether colorado can keep trump off the ballot. and, an indiana police officer rescued two adorable black labradors after they were stranded in an icy pond. and you can see the body cam footage we are looking at right here shows the officer racing toward the pup before pulling him out and saving lives. >> you coming? hey, buddy, come here. good job, buddy. >> steve: good job, police officers, fort wayne, animal control says both dogs are doing just fine. and they hope they will be returned to an owner or get adopted. they will be figuring out today if they are chipped. >> carley: two little pups, somebody help me. >> steve: from dogs to groundhogs, janice dean is going to be out at punxsutawney fill's
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site on friday this morning she is in new york. >> janice: i am. it's going to be above average. we will see if he sees his shadow. if he does six more weeks of winter. even though it's warm outside. let's take a look. 35 in new york. not too warm. eastern not enjoying like the friends central plains and midwest where 10 to 15 even 30 degrees above average. we'll finally get in on that as we get through the weekend. cold air will start to move in. i think we're going to start to see some of that artic air in the next couple of weeks. today's forecast, we have the next storm system moving in to the west. so that's going to be the big weather maker traveling across the country over the next couple of days for now. heavy rain along the coast. mountain snow, feet of it for the sierra, nevada in towards the rockies over the next couple of days. that's the big story on fox we will keep you up to date. flooding, certainly, the biggest
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concern for california. [siren] >> janice: all right, i ron wonder if they're coming to take me away. >> carley: run. >> steve: could be your husband in a fire truck. >> janice: stay tuned. okay. see you later. >> steve: that would be great if he showed up for breakfast, sean. all right, coming up on this wednesday, first ever cases of human-to-human transmissions of alzheimer's disease. renowned niewrlings on what we need to know. can you actually catch alzheimer's. >> brian: remember squad member cori bush's thoughts on how to keep safe? >> defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police. >> brian: yup, she never changed her view by the way. now under investigation for misuse of security funds. >> carley: who says you need a degree to make some real dough? one new jersey teen skips college and opens a bailing shop. his story is coming up next. >> steve: all-star bagel. ♪ can you go your own way
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>> i'm going to make sure i have security because i know i have had attempts on my life and i
4:27 am
have too much work to do so suck it up and defunding the police has to happen. we need to defund the police and put that money into social safety nets because we are trying to save lives. >> brian: cori bush made her name in ferguson, missouri with the michael brown lost his life. and this whole black lives matter movement started. she ended up propelling herself and her career right into congress. at which time she has come out firmly with a member of the squad as extreme as it gets and aloud mouth when it comes to law enforcement. believes they are all corrupt. and she never backed off her statement defund the police. president biden tries to run from this my party doesn't believe this. someone should have told cori bush. now it's all coming full circle. >> steve: yep. cori bush is under federal investigation over misspending government money for her private security after she married one of her body guards. it's kind of complicated, the money trail will make it as simple as possible. back in 2022 she paid $60,000 to
4:28 am
courtney merritts for security services. this was the same time cortney merritts she would eventually marry. campaign paying 425,000 to do so a st. louis firm called peace security and another 50,000 to do so a security guard named that than davis. here's the thing. the guy she eventually married cannot hold a private security license as required by st. louis pd under fec rules campaigns can make payment to family members but they have got to be bona fide services. so the guy under st. louis rules did not qualify to be a security guy. >> carley: now she finds herself under investigation and, yesterday, she responded to all of this. she denied any wrongdoing, says that she's not at fault and she is blaming those pesky conservatives. >> i have endured relentless
4:29 am
threats to my physical safety and life. as a rank and file member of congress, i am not entitled to personal protection by the house. and, instead, have used campaign funds as permissible to retain security services. i have not used any federal tax dollars for personal security services. any reporting that i have used funds for personal security is simply false. in recent months, right wing organizations have lodged baseless complaints against me peddling notions that i have misused campaign funds to pay for personal security services. that simply is not true. >> brian: someone should tell the right wing justice department that. this justice department has a problem with $700,000 plus and carley, other thing is, i saw her husband on camera, he says well, i don't have a security background. i have a military background. >> >> carley: yeah, he is a veteran. i don't know if that qualifies and that's the issue.
4:30 am
>> steve: not in missouri. >> carley: the most glaring thing of all is that she is using campaign donations for something that she is fighting for other people not have. >> steve: right. >> brian: incredible. >> carley: most defund the police lawmaker out there and using all these campaign contributions for her own personal security. wouldn't everybody in her district also like it have security as well? >> steve: that's the shocking thing. the doj is going to figure out whether or not rules were broken and fec. it's just the hypocrisy. we started with that soundbite where she was calling for defund the police. yes, defund the police at the same time that i am paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> carley: a lot. >> steve: working better with friends coordination. hundreds of thousands of dollars worked well right there, hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect her because she felt threatened. now she is threatened with this fbi and federal investigation. let's see. we will keep you posted on what happens. >> carley: we will, indeed. more news to get to starting with boeing. it is set to report fourth
4:31 am
quarter results this morning in the wake of the 737 max 9 door plug blowout. the company will be answering investor questions about how that incident could impact the company's bottom line in the months and years ahead. experts say fallout from the incident will likely not show up in today's earnings report. a new jersey teen speaking out about his decision to purchase a bagel shop instead of using that money to go to college. he says being a small business owner is paying off. >> i made that decision due to the fact that college i knew wasn't for me. and got the business -- the bagel business was for me. that's how i grew up in the restaurant industry. i knew that i wanted to do something with food. my numbers are up 7% from the last year. >> carley: is he doing a good job. milo has added doughnuts to his menu at all-star bagels and hoping to open up a second store as well.
4:32 am
he has big dreams and a brian bright future. >> steve: bagels in jersey as you know really good. >> brian: i wish they could find the technology -- i don't know if a.i. could do this to make them as fresh on day two as day one. >> steve: they need to sell new baileys got eat them that day. >> brian: i'm talking about the consumer first. >> steve: as a consumer eat them the first day and go back to see milo to buy some more. >> brian: do you a mike a bagel a day old. sinner amount of time before it solidifies. put if a microwave and open up edible certain amount of time and then it becomes gum. dough gum. >> brian: sometimes i forget to eat the bagel. >> carley: cream cheese heals everything. >> steve: exactly. all right. coming up, surveillance footage captures terrifying moment that an 11-year-old seeing the spot shadow right there. 11-year-old in arizona is
4:33 am
followed by somebody who apparently was trying to kidnap her. >> carley: so scary. "fox & friends" exclusive. denver's migrant surge is disrupting school for kids. >> brian: lawrence talked to a teacher and community advocate next as some 300 migrant children enroll in city schools per week. >> the school system is broken. there is a drug problem here in colorado. the homeless problem is very big. and then like here are the immigrants coming. it makes me angry because i don't know what the solution is. no actions are being taken. ♪ copd isn't pretty. i'm out of breath, and often out of the picture. but this is my story. ( ♪ ) and with once-daily trelegy, it can still be beautiful. because with 3 medicines in 1 inhaler, trelegy keeps my airways open for a full 24 hours and prevents future flare-ups. trelegy also improves lung function, so i can breathe more freely all day and night.
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hi, i'm ben and i've lost 60 pounds on golo. (guitar music) with other programs i've tried in the past they were unsustainable, just too restrictive. with golo i can enjoy my food and the fear and guilt of eating is gone. >> steve: fox news alert. 22 minutes before the top of the hour, president biden is finally going to visit east palestine, ohio, on the one year anniversary after that toxic train derailment forced people from their homes and left the
4:39 am
community in absolute shambles. >> brian: next month meet with leaders. backlash saying the president did not show enough support for the ohio community. >> carley: but the administration continues to tout the federal support provided to the ohio town. >> steve: indeed. >> carley: now to another big story this morning. terrifying moment for 11-year-old girl in arizona. >> brian: surveillance footage shows the moment a man tried to kidnap this girl while she was walking to school. >> steve: she did not wind up getting taken to his car and todd piro has the story. >> todd: thank god, that girl very lucky as this suspect is known to police and has a very violent criminal history. take a look again. this home surveillance video out of glendale showing a driver pulling up to the 11-year-old girl as she was walking to school on friday morning. a man hops out of his car and starts chasing that girl who manages to run away. police later arresting joseph ruiz and charging him with attempted kidnapping. during his arraignment, prosecutors argued against his release. citing his violent criminal
4:40 am
past, including when he stabbed his own mother in the neck. the ejt tri school that the girl goes to alerting parents about the incident, saying, quote: the police reported that they have a person of interest in custody. while this is good news, glendale police still plan to have an increased presence in the community next week. ruiz is being held on a $25,000 cash bond. and, of course, keep it right here next hour. we are talking to a glendale police official about this absolutely frightening incident. back over to you. >> steve: it is indeed all caught on camera. todd, thank you very much. meanwhile, denver, colorado migrant crisis seriously impacting children's education that city. nearly 3,000 new migrant students have enrolled in public schools since july. up to 300 per week this month alone. >> carley: that's right. lawrence jones joins us live along with denver public school teacher priscilla and resident vanessa rutledge. hi, lawrence.
4:41 am
>> lawrence: thanks for having me. thanks, carley. start at the center of the crisis, priscilla. tell me what it's like being a public school teacher and having to deal with this crisis. >> we are currently 100 students over projection just at my middle school. you can imagine the crisis across the entire district. we had seven new students arrive just monday. and we don't have the funds mike sure we have resources to all of our students. we have testing coming up in march and we don't have enough computers and this is a state mandate. so we are desperate right now. >> lawrence: when you look at this crisis. i don't think i have ever seen some people outraged. it's a loving place but is enough enough? >> it really is it's gotten to the point we are wearing for mayor johnston jared polis demand something needs to be
4:42 am
done. we want to hear them say president biden stop this now. >> lawrence: vanessa, you are also very involved in our law enforcement as a sup supporter f them as well. are you concerned about public safety. >> absolutely. i'm on the denver police chief's community advisory board. we talk about how we are going to make sure that our community members are safe the embassy suites right by my school was purchased by the city. we already had stabbings and reports just yards away from our middle school. the community is very concerned. what we need to do is address the issue at the border. it's -- money is not going to solve this problem because, you know, we are talking about taxpayer dollars. it's going to run out. so we really need congress and the president to address the crisis at the border where this is all starting. >> lawrence: such a great point, priscilla. vanessa, many people on the other side say the people that reject this notion of sanctuary cities, they are not compassionate. what would you tell them? >> that's almost like they are weaponizing our compassion and
4:43 am
our good nature against us. this is not a who cares or loves the most situation. this is a resource allocation situation. as well as public safety. michael johnston, mayor here in denver already came out and said he is going to cut all citywide departments by 10%. we're down over 400 police officers with denver police department what does that look like after a 10% budget cut. what does that do from 911 response times. how is our city going to look whether this is all said and done. >> lawrence: priscilla if you had the opportunity to talk to the president, the border czar kamala harris, the homeland security secretary who looks like about to be impeached, what would you say to them? >> i would say bring back the former president's remain in mexico policy that worked. that helped us vet the folks that wanted to come into the united states. and i would say support the governor of texas. it's not fair for one state to have to bear the burden of an
4:44 am
influx of people at the border where there are no resources. so i think it would be important to address the crisis, again, where it is starting. >> lawrence: real quickly, vanessa, do you think this is going to impact the way people vote in the next election? >> i'm not sure. i have been a denver voter for a while. so i'm not sure what will actually impact voters. but i hope people wake up and see that they can do something and that usually happens november with a ballot. >> lawrence: thank you all so much. ladies. i appreciate it. guys, send it back to you in new york. >> steve: that was great. please thank them for getting up so early out there in rocky mountain time, too. >> brian: you add overcrowding. you add the languagement and now you add the stabbing. denver sharing in some of the chaos that new york has because they come here and all hell breaks loose because a lot of them have criminal records we don't even know about. and you will see a lot of people explaining this? well, when president biden took over venezuela collapsed. really? venezuela has been collapsing for like five years. that's why we have this migrant
4:45 am
surge. >> steve: it's impacting people coast to coast. that's why we are covering it. lawrence will be in boston tomorrow. meanwhile, coming up, first there are cases of human-to-human transmissions of autalzheimer's. human-to-human. a neurologist is going to tell you what you need to know, coming up next. coming up next. ♪ and find your voice. ♪robitussin♪ look who saved slider sunday again! here we go... (♪) a perfect king's hawaiian slider. tastes good too! king's hawaiian slider sunday... the only way to sunday!
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>> steve: you got to hear this story. this morning there are growing fears about the spread of alzheimer's. the national institute of health in this country now investigating as an alarming study reveals thousands of americans may be at risk of catching alzheimer's. it all began with very children in the united states and united kingdom were now given a banned growth hormone between the 1960s and the 1980s. the study shows some of those children later in life developed alzheimer's as young as 38 years old. dr. michael gershwin is a inaugurallist at the university of california san francisco, memory and aging center and he joins us from the west coast. doctor, good morning to you. >> steve: on its face it's
4:51 am
terrifying to think you can actually catch alzheimer's because we all think it's one of those degenerative things that you have got in your brain your whole time. explain what everybody is talking about regarding this. >> well, it's been known for some time that certain brain diseases, neurodegenerative diseases like even alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease, and, in particular, a pre-on disorder can be transmissible from an animal to an animal patient to a patient. this was first known diseases boo a doctor here a disease family of diseases called preon disorders that are known to be mostly spontaneous or sporadic, just like alzheimer's and
4:52 am
parkinson's disease. but they also could be genetic and they could be transmissible. and this all occurred because of proteins in the brain that misfold and they are misfolding results in brain diseases like alzheimer's, parkinson's, disease. these proteins if accidently transferred from one patient's brain to another person could result in a neurodegenerative disease. the first disease we found out about what is crisoodiotive disease. now there is a growing body of evidence that shows that this possibility of transmission and very extraordinary, rare circumstances can also occur with alzheimer's disease. this latest paper from the london group of dr. john collins
4:53 am
and colleagues is building upon evidence that's been accumulating over the past few years. >> getting this new information. the committee will convene to discuss the issue and reanalyze data for any possible associations with alzheimer's or dementia-related conditions. we also have got a graphic. between 1959 and 1985, nearly 2,000 children who were considered abnormally short were given this growth hormone and then with them generally alzheimer's symptoms developed between in some of them between the ages of 38 and 55. and tests suggest they got that protein which have you been talking about. doctor, this impacted thousands of people around the world. you know, if you are a kid, you probably don't remember -- you may not remember getting this particular hormone replacement.
4:54 am
do you have any suggestions for people who might worry i could be one of those people? >> yeah. no, so the center for disease control and prevention and the department of human health services, there is a program called the national harmony pituitary project nhpp and that program records of everyone who received these hormones. some of them were growth hormones. some of them were hormones to help women who had difficulty becoming pregnant that was more prominent in australia. for preon disease. for example. i had a patient about 20 years ago who showed up in our emergency room having -- 33 years old. said he was having some odd
4:55 am
symptoms. and he was examined, we didn't find anything. he was discharged home. my colleagues contacted me because they knew i was interested in these disorders. and he -- the patient came back a few weeks later with new symptoms. he clearly had. >> he was aware of it. he knew he was on the list. so the question nih will have to deal with what about the 8,000 people who received these hormones who didn't get -- didn't get a batch that was contaminated with prions with creutzfeldt-jacob disease. i think this is something that needs to be studied. and it should be -- you know, this isn't something that the general public needs to worry about. >> steve: good. >> even in england where they
4:56 am
had about 1700 people receive these hormone products, so far they only have about 8 or so cases who have gotten disease. so, it's -- even those who were exposed, it's a very, very small number of patients who likely would ever get alzheimer's disease. but it's something that should be studied. >> steve: absolutely. you know, it's getting a lot of press attention. dr. michael ganesh wind, thank you for getting up early and explaining what we know about it. >> steve: meanwhile, fox news alert, one year after that train derailment in east palestine, ohio. president biden is finally going to visit the town. up next, we are going to talk to a resident wondering where has he been? even a little blurry vision can distort things.
4:57 am
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